Should I Proclaim my Sobriety on Facebook?


“Should I proclaim my sobriety on Facebook?”

I can’t count the amount of times this question comes up.  And rightly so. We spend so much time on social networking sites. Bare so much of ourselves on a platform so many can see. Our timelines became our diaries. Should this be a place we reveal our sobriety?

Depends what you’re really asking:

If you are proclaiming your sobriety on facebook because you feel it will keep you safe? A barrier method for drinking? Then no. It’s just a website. It won’t stop you. People lie on social networking  all the time. It’s not a reliable method of holding yourself accountable. You can say whatever you like on there. Doesn’t make it true.

If you are doing it because you are in treatment and you don’t want to have to deal with telling people face to face? Then no. If you aren’t ready to deal with people’s questions face to face? Then you aren’t feeling rock solid in your sobriety yet. Carrying other people’s insecurities and doubts will do you no good at this point. If they are the buddies you used to drink with? Who are still actively drinking? You risk them persuading you that you don’t have a problem. If it is shocked family members? Wait. Wait until you can explain it properly. Give yourself time to make sense of your own situation before you try and make sense of it to them.

Can Social Networking aide my sobriety at all?

Absolutely. There are tons of resources out there. Pages dedicated to people who are asking the same questions as you. If you are looking to fill a void in the “I lost my purse, threw up on myself, blacked out and drunk-dialled, drinking is AWESOME” pages your friends like to frequent, then turn your attention to these pages instead. Follow people who practise sobriety on instagram, let them visually show you how they fill their days.  Replace your twitter timeline of other people’s bar crawls with how the wider world is unfolding. There’s a wealth of information to tap into. Information that you can use to shore up and strengthen your sobriety incrementally.

There’s no need to proclaim your sobriety on facebook. Or anywhere else for that matter. Long-lasting sobriety comes from within. Take all the external resources at your disposal and add the to your arsensal of recovery by all means. But sobriety is an inside job.  Reaffirming it to yourself is a thing that must be done constantly. Proclaiming it to the world is not.

Sobriety is felt. Not spoken. Not seen. It is an emotion first and foremost. Cultivate the feeling of it. Until it becomes the thing that does feel most familiar. Then tell whoever you like. Or no one.  Speaking It won’t feel as important by then anyhow.


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