Your Beautiful Words


This morning I woke up to so many emails. So many beautiful words. All from women I’ve met on this journey. Some I’ve known weeks. Some months. Others years. 

They were all saying the exact same thing in totally individual ways. How happy they were. How great life was, how much they were learning about themselves every day.
And how they were all still effortlessly sober.

These women with their beautiful words are all much better at being sober than I ever was. The analogies they use are far more sophisticated. The way they use the tools they have cultivated in a bid to harness successful sobriety? Too clever for me to ever have thought of.

I looked at my inbox this morning and I cried. Because most of these women struggled for years. Navigated life through a place of total despair. Were in horrible dark places. And through their willingness to become their own guinea pigs, they all became total experts at their own art of non-drinking.

I think I cried most because I was so honoured they wanted to share it with me. The good parts of their life. The love and excitement they have for it all. Because they don’t have to do that. They could have just gone off and done their own thing and never looked back. Never dropped me any beautiful words at all. But they didn’t do that. They chose to take time out from their amazing new lives to fill me in.

And that means the world to me.

I can see the ripple effect from where I stand. The people they are influencing positively in more ways than they will ever take credit for. 

Their daughters who are being shown examples of happy, confident sober mothers on a daily basis. 

Their mothers, who are watching this transformation with scepticism at first, and then awe.

The husbands and wives who are finally getting their partners back, the person they fell in love with in the first place. 

It’s a feeling I can’t even describe. To see someone transformed and filled with hope. And I look forward so much to seeing more of these stories in the mainstream. People sailing through sobriety, eager to share their success stories and tips with others. 
Unafraid of any backlash from those who are still struggling.

And I think we will get there. Not just one day. But really, really soon. There’s a change in the air and its palpable. And I felt it this morning more strongly than I’ve ever felt it before. Like we are at the Tipping Point of huge change.

So please. Keep sharing your stories. Not just with me, although I adore hearing them. But out there, in public. Behind a pseudonym or not. It doesn’t matter. Words are powerful in and of themselves. Who is speaking them isn’t important.

So thank you. Thank you so very much. For sharing your beautiful words with me. They mean more to me than you will ever know x


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