Day 1 of Grand Gestures

  A lot of people like to call this day one.
They wake up filled with more determination to counteract the self-loathing. 
They relish in the hangover, confident it will fill them with resolve.

Maybe there will even be some humiliation to look over in retrospect. Something to fear going back to.

It doesn’t matter what brings any of us to day one. Not really. Day one is just a spring board to the life we want.

I don’t like to measure things in days when it comes to the concept of “giving things up” it’s too much like watching the hands of the clock of life go by. Like gazing instead of participating.

There will be many grand gestures today. The pouring out of bottles. The chucking out of food we decide is bad for us. Maybe even the people we feel are toxic.

The grand gestures you feel work for you are none of my business-and if they help you feel great today? Then so be it.

What I would ask you to do is get yourself a journal today. And make a resolution to fill it with all the new things you are going to explore, now you aren’t going to be spending your time drinking.

And if you do decide to detox yourself? Well, that’s even more time on your hands, isn’t it? So that journal is going to need to be filled up faster with more things to focus your attention on.

The world is so full of people who don’t drink. These people all have busy lives. Lives that never were divided into drinking and not drinking. Just being. Just doing. Just having.

If this is your day one? Then I am excited for you. And I hope it’s everything you wish it to be.
This truly can be your year. There’s a whole wide world waiting for you. Don’t settle solely for not drinking through it.

You deserve so much better than that x 


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Grand Gestures

  1. ksdays100 says:

    Lovely post! I am loving all the things there ar to do besides drink. And I really love knowing I am not alone and you are right, the world id full of people that don’t drink, Theres no need to divide us and them 🙂

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