My Amazing Ladies

I make it a point to never talk about any of the women who come to me for one-to-one sessions. But I’m making an exception to this rule, just this once, because they have absolutely blown me away this Christmas season.
So many people use Christmas as a reason to throw away everything that they have built. Whether it’s been an alcohol-free life for the entire year, whether they decided to take the bull by the horns this summer, or whether they decided to ditch the bottle right before the Christmas festivities began.
But these ladies. All of the ladies who have come to me for a session this year. Every single last lovely one of them. They kicked sober ass this Yuletide. 

And not one of them did it by hiding in the house. These chica’s? They partied their sober asses off. Loud and proud.
They organised themselves well in advance. Worked out where their weak spots were and obliterated them. They dismantled any beliefs that were holding them back from embracing the Christmas season. They grafted until they believed they were worthy of the best experiences possible.
They were all so focussed. So determined. Their positivity blew me away with each message I received from them.
I’ve been so inspired by these strong women, that I had to give them a little shout out. Not pointing any fingers. Not quoting any of their incredible messages. Because these women all deserve privacy, (it’s why you’ll never find any testimonials on this site. Not because they haven’t offered, but because they shouldn’t feel they have to share their journey with anyone, and if they do? It should on their own sites, taking full credit for the work they have done on themselves.)
And, yes, I know they aren’t My Ladies. That they belong fully to themselves. But they mean the world to me. And I’m so proud of them that it felt only right to share their massive achievements with everyone who feels they want some extra inspiration. 
I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for them. I’m so excited they’ve started it alcohol free. Brimming with confidence. Excited for the future.
And totally ready for it. Not because of anything I did. But because they decided to use the tool kits given to them. Even when it was hard at first. Even when it took courage to try something very different and new.
I know you’ll be reading this, my sober kick ass ladies. So let me say it one more time: I’m so very proud of you for your determination to stay on course this Christmas. But not only for doing that. For going past merely surviving this Christmas, which is how so many people expect it to be. But thriving this Christmas. Deliberately. With focus and with grace. 
You have inspired me more than you will ever know,
Love Carrie xx  


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