In her words

A lady I’ve had the privilege of working with this past year took the time to write thisand  share with you her journey of alcohol-free living. She is simply incredible. I couldn’t be any prouder of her and everything she has achieved:

“Last year I hit a giant, booze-soaked brick wall. I’d been a binge drinker since my teens, but in the past ten years the hilarity of getting hammered, dancing on a table until 3am and snogging a total stranger had lost its appeal.


I didn’t want to carry on waking up each morning knowing my day was going to be shit because my hangover was so horrendous. Or keep checking my bank account to find that, yet again, I’d spent a fortune on overpriced cocktails and a £50 taxi home, and all I had to show for it was some regretful tears and a banging headache.


I’d known for a long time that my drinking had morphed from a fun pastime to being out of control. Instead of enhancing my life and making it more enjoyable, alcohol was making me miserable, overweight and permanently exhausted. And yet I didn’t seem to be able to stop throwing booze down my neck and money down the drain.  


I’d tried pretty much everything to give up over the past ten years; counselling, hypnosis, spiritual healing, cutting myself off from certain friends, ‘just having a couple’ on nights out (funnily enough that didn’t work out so well), and once or twice I dipped my toe into the heady world of AA. But I would always find myself back in the same frustrating, desperate place wishing I could just stop once and for all.


Then I discovered Carrie via a webinar on the brilliant Soberistas website. I had no idea that the hour I spent watching her talk about her alcohol problems and subsequent recovery was about to change my life. Pretty much everything she said struck a chord with me, and seeing how she’d turned her life around and created this joyful, alcohol-free existence gave me genuine hope.


I emailed Carrie that night to thank her for her inspirational words, and shortly afterwards we began working together. Over the next few months things started to shift massively for me. I had a few stumbles here and there but I always knew I was heading in the right direction, and I could see so clearly where I actually wanted to be.


Mine and Carrie’s regular Skype sessions and her insightful advice gave me focus, and knowing she was on the end of an email when I was struggling meant I never felt like I was walking that tricky road alone.


Finally on January 2nd – after a couple of ill-advised Christmas indulgences – I waved a firm goodbye to wine (and beer. And vodka. And Gin. You get the idea). Something clicked and for the first time probably ever, I knew I deserved to be happy and take proper care of myself. And it is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve ever done.


I sleep better, I make better decisions, I have more money, I’ve lost some of my excess cider weight, and I wake up every morning so grateful that my head is clear and I know I’ll have a good day, no matter what it throws at me.


Carrie enabled me make so many changes, and ensure they stuck. I could honestly tell her a hundred times a day for the rest of my life the ways in which she’s helped me, and I still wouldn’t be able to explain just how much. I remember saying to her once that ‘everyone needs a Carrie in their life’ and I truly believe that. If she could clone herself millions of times the world would be a much happier and more together place.”





2 thoughts on “In her words

  1. momma bee says:

    Beautiful~ ❤️

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