Stef’s Alcohol-Free Journey

Stef’s Alcohol-Free Journey 
Stef is an inspirational lady I have been working with since 2015. She wanted to share her journey with you on here because she is kind and wonderful in too many ways to count.

snapshot of my alcohol free journey – 

It started with a webinar on the website Soberistas , Carrie was a guest on the site and watching and listening to her tell her story of giving up alcohol inspired me so much that I immediately emailed her and the rest is nothing short of amazing.

 My journey has not always been easy and it has required commitment and hard work but each step has taught me something significant about myself which has encouraged me to continue. 
It is not easy for me to put this into words because much of this is my own personal stuff, but I can say that since working with Carrie I have been much more at peace with myself and my perception and outlook have completely changed for the better.

I had been struggling to give up alcohol for several years -if the truth be known, and I would always find a reason/ excuse to go back to drinking:-

I’d had a bad day at work,
someone had upset me ,
I was tired,
I was bored,
I was happy,
I was celebrating something,
I was on holiday,
I was needing a holiday

This list goes on and If you are reading this it may well be familiar to you.
Carrie has helped me to understand that the problem was quite simple – I felt that I was missing out, that I was sacrificing something huge when I gave up alcohol. As long as I had that mentality l was always going to fail. Once I truly believed I was not sacrificing anything and that my world had got bigger and oh so much better since giving up, I didn’t look back.

How did I come to the conclusion that giving up alcohol is truly not a sacrifice ?
By working with Carrie I absolutely know that not drinking alcohol is not a sacrifice.

One of the many things that Carrie said to me which really struck a chord was “if you are saving money being sober you are not doing it right” . I now treat myself to wonderful AF cocktails and delicious food amongst other lovely treats.

Giving up is the easy bit -it’s sustaining it that needs work and that’s why Carries method works so well. Carrie is a bundle of positive energy and has been such an amazing support. Carries Skype’s and regular emails have helped me to work through my difficulties, and my own personal weird and wonderful belief systems.

What has changed for me in just under a year? – well I have had a promotion at work, and become much more confident , I have amazed myself when dealing with difficult colleagues and situations . I have dipped my toe into several new hobbies and experiences that I have never had the courage or inclination to try before. 

Some I have never wanted to repeat (such as walking the Samari gorge in the August heat) and some which have been life changing. I have been on summer and winter holidays with friends who are heavy drinkers and had a ball without drinking. I have thrown myself into making my world bigger ,which has been easy as I have so much more energy and time. A year ago I would never have believed that any of this would be even be possible.

One huge surprise for me was that I taught myself to sew and I am now able to sew my own clothes which I absolutely love and am obsessed with. I would never have done this if I hadn’t been determined and had the courage and time/ energy (thanks to Carrie) to try new things and throw myself in at the deep end and be open to have a go.

Carrie is an inspiration. I have often felt that she is reading my mind as her approach is so personal to me and she truly understands where I am coming from. Carrie has worked with my at my own pace giving me information and support only as I have needed it, this is not advice on a plate, but has required work and honesty from me also . This approach has been just the ticket for me and I started to reap the benefits immediately.

My family are proud of me and many friends have commented on how well I look , and at the age of 50 plus I feel as though I have grown up in so many ways, including the way I perceive and respond to life, than ever before. 

It really is similar to peeling back the layers of an onion, the work continues and I am currently working on body image which for me may be a longer process than giving up alcohol, but I am willing to put the work in and I have total faith that I will crack this one too with the help of Carrie without whom I would never have reached this point and turned my life around.


3 thoughts on “Stef’s Alcohol-Free Journey

  1. Gee says:

    Gr8 stuff. I love the not missing out on anything/my world is bigger thinking. Keep it going girl!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hi Carrie I’m trying to find away of contacting you, with regard to getting some help. Hope this reaches you.

    Thank you

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