Lola’s New Life As A Non Drinker 

This lady is so amazing and SO MODEST that she doesn’t even tell you that in her first month as a permanent non drinker she got a big promotion at work AND went on holiday twice!
She is fantastic and I enjoyed every second of working with her:
Here is Lola’s story of transformation in her own words 

I cannot sing from a high enough roof top about Carrie’s method. Her entire emphasis is on what you have to gain from stopping drinking. There is no time to dwell on any perception that you might have that you are losing something great. She’s got no truck with that and will tell you so! She’ll get you too busy thinking about what your new life is going to look like and the future is very bright. 

You need to hear what Carrie has to say. Don’t waste another moment of your precious life. You deserve to be everything you are supposed to be. You deserve to sleep, chase your dreams, like what you see in the mirror, wake up proud of yourself and start being the interesting, fun, hopeful person that you are, booze aside. 

She will get you, in one month, on that path. I promise you, you will want what she has and she desperately cares about her clients learning from her mistakes. You. deserve. it. It is a ridiculously small financial outlay to have your life changed. She’ll help you start building your life back up. This is the most constructive, effective programme that I can see out there.You can stop seeing alchohol as a big scarey monster that controls you or a comforting friend/crutch and just for the illussion that it is. 

The pearls of wisdom that topple out of her mouth. are worth engraving somewhere. Her analogies, her experiences, her humour are preciousl You don’t have to feel strong but you do have to listen/read with a blank sheet of paper and a pen, and the willingess to upgrade everything in your life life. It’s a shame you can’t hear her when you read her book as her Geordie accent is very cute. You don’t need to have had a dramatic rock bottom, she has had that for you and wants you to catch you on the way down. You can’t shock her.

Buy the book or do a month’s coaching with her. Every area of your life that you think will suffer will start to glisten with hope.


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