Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are a funny one to describe these days.

They used to be about coping.

Coping with a hangover.

Coping with trying to keep the thoughts of another horrible weekend and what I had probably done, at bay.

Coping with faking happiness at work.

Then fighting with myself, when the hangover symptoms eased off enough for the self-loathing to set in.

Fighting the urge to run away and hide and give into the incessant anxiety attack a the hangover brought with it.

Fighting the urge to obsess over another wasted weekend, and how my entire life was passing me by.

And, or course:

Fighting the urge to do it all again, later that day.

Monday mornings are so peaceful now.
I have a weekend full of lovely experiences to look back on.

I have a week of great things to look forward to.

And I like what I’m doing right now, in the present.

Monday morning are no longer wasted wishing the day away, so my hangover will recede.

Or wishing my life away, by obsessing over drinking or non-drinking.

And if any of the former descriptions are true for you this morning?

Then don’t waste another moment in despair. 

This can be the day you turn it all around.
This can be the day you decide to say goodbye to Monday Morning despair.

There are hundreds of different ways to stop drinking a life away.

Today is a great day to find the way that works for you xx


One thought on “Monday Mornings

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Monday’s used to be the most horrible day of the week.
    Not anymore!
    Sober is so much better!

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