Why I love healing, despite being as spiritual as a toaster…

I got some healing done this week.
Like anyone who works with people, one-to-one, quite intensely. I need to make sure that I’m looking after myself emotionally too, or I’m no use to anyone.

If you know me, which you probably do, if you’ve been knocking about here for a while, then you know I’m about as spiritual as a toaster.

I ended up going for my first healing session accidentally, because the lady who does it for me was a guest on a show I used to do, and I loved her, and wanted to support her new business venture. 

I expected it to be weird. 

It was. At first.

Having someone lay their hands over me and do some chanting malarkey, it was way out of my comfort zone.

But it was nice too. 

It felt really lovely when I got settled into it.

Sort of comforting. Like being wrapped in a warm duvet.

Which is how I would’ve felt about drinking, if the warm fuzzy feeling hadn’t always been accompanied by an incessant itch for more and more booze.

The itch always spoiled the warm fuzzy feeling. Massively.

I don’t miss the itch for drink at all.
Anyway, it felt nice, but I didn’t expect it to actually change anything.

It did though. It changed my body and mind. But it also changed my perspective.

Having worked very hard to stay out of a wheelchair permanently, having to work this hard on a daily basis to keep doing so, I was reluctant to let someone else come in and help me with healing in any form.

Healing, like walking again, felt like it should be an inside job that only I must be responsible for.
But I was wrong.

Have healing sessions did make me feel better. 

Whether it was because I was sad, or lonely, or in pain from the constant physical rehabilitation, it always made me feel better.

I don’t have it for any of those reasons now. I have it because of maintenance, because I want to keep feeling good.

I have it because prevention is better than cure.

And to reinforce the importance of letting other people be a part of me staying well.
It’s not always about me being in charge.
A solo-effort feels very one-dimensional to me these days.

Far better to have variety, provided by sources I trust.

Healing works for me. It relaxes me, which is something I’m not naturally good at.

It forces me to be still, when I’d otherwise probably be running around after other people.

Most important to me, it makes me better at my job. It makes me a better version of myself, all round.

Which has a positive knock-on effect for everyone in my life.

I found it difficult to marry the two together at first: my totally unspiritual leanings, and the quite spiritual form this method of healing takes.

But then I realised that I was using labels to limit myself.

And that’s something I endeavoured to leave behind years ago, along with the drinking.

If you’ve never had a healing session before? Try it! It’s something new, and new things take all of us further away from old drinking habits.

If it’s for you? Then excellent! You’ve gone and found a new string to your mom drinking bow.

If it’s not for you? still excellent. Because you’ve found a new strong personal preference.

And people who have strong personal preference? They know themselves.

And people who Know themselves don’t fall victim to alcohol abuse anymore.


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