Free Christmas eBook

We wrote you a free Christmas eBook last year.

Because we didn’t want you to have to spend the run-up to Christmas, living in fear of messing up at your work party.

We’ve been there.

It’s horrible.

Thing is, we released it too late for some of you last year.

And I feel just awful about that.

So, this year, we are giving it to you early enough so that no one misses out.

Here it is:

Read it.
 Put the tools into practise. 

And get on with filling the run-up To Christmas with far lovelier thoughts than “shall I or shan’t I drink”

You deserve better, nicer, happier thoughts than that.

Love *Carrie xx

*not that I wrote it alone. My favourite project buddy, Soberistas Lucy, collaborated with me on it.


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