Monday, Monday…

This morning l took one look at the freezing temperatures and rain outside, and thanked my lucky stars that I get to work from home so much!

I had a beautifully warm shower, found the softest clothes I have, put my hair in a bun, and settled down for a day of snuggling up with my laptop on the sofa.

Pure bliss!

Now I don’t know where you stand on the great Christmas Decorations debate. But in this house, it’s putting up the Nativity Scene on December 1st, then the actual decorations mid December…

Doesn’t stop me getting excited looking at everyone else’s who have gone for it in November though!

My big concession to this, is starting to enjoy the Christmas food from now. 

I love everything about the special foods the supermarkets bring out at Christmas!

I even found my gluten intolerant cousin a gluten-free Christmas canapé book in a craft shop (why was it there? So many questions arise I can tell you…) so posting that to her and knowing she will be able to enjoy so much more food this year made me really happy and festive too!

My mum fetched over some Walkers all-butter shortbread this weekend. So this is what I’ll be munching on whilst doing my work today…a massive cuppa, endless supply of  my favourite Christmas shortbread, heating on full blast and some Christmas movies on in the background.

It’s the perfect Monday to me 💖
I used to hate Mondays. I would either feel like shit because l’d been out all Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Or I’d have gotten so wasted on the Saturday, that Sunday was spent gripped by anxiety attacks, vomiting and curled up in a corner unable to move.

In which case Monday was filled with enough energy for self loathing. 

I would be dressed in clothes I hated, totally chaotic because my flat would have been in disarray and uncared for.

I’d either be in a job I hated, or unable to appreciate a job I actually liked. So what’s the difference, really?

I’d spend the first half of Monday hating myself, then the second half of Monday justifying why I “deserved” to drink that evening.

The concept of “deserving” something that stripped my life of all magic, is something I find hard to fathom these days, but there you go. That’s how brainwashed and conditioned I had become.

I actually thought to be without this thing that was making my life so average at best, and horrendous and dangerous, at worst, was a sacrifice.

Whilst I’m not in favour of telling people what to do (because that’s just being controlling, and I left that behind, with my hangovers, because I no longer need to control people, or my world to make it a save and manageable place.) I do want this for you, if you want it.

I want you to have Mondays that you adore.

A life that you love.

Peace in your heart and mind.
And though we deserve it the whole year round, everyone should feel it’s an option at this time of year too.

So, whether you are in full-on Christmas mode already.

Or, like me, just dabbling with the little bits that make you feel excited, without having to commit to jumping into things fully, right now.

Start and plan for the Christmas run-up that you actually want.

And if that includes doing it alcohol-free?
Then put as much planning into that, as you would decorating your house this Christmas.

There are so many people who are doing online courses, or that have written books, or will be writing regular blogs with tips on them.

Engage with their services, or get their books, or just take their free advice.
But start doing it now, because there are a whole load of Monday mornings, between now and Christmas .

And you “deserve” to feel fantastic during each one of them.

Happy Monday xx


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