Need A Shot?

One of the ladies I worked with this year emailed asking for a top-up session. 

She hasn’t been drinking since our sessions at all.

She just wanted to treat herself to a top-up session, to make her feel extra-good.


As she put it:

“I’d like a shot of Carrie.”

I am now quite in love with this concept. 
So much so, that I’m overhauling my packages for the rest of 2016:

Instead of having to book a month’s worth of sessions-I’m now doing one-off sessions-or “a shot of Carrie” for £50.

It goes against everything I usually offer. 
But I think a shot is all some people have the time and money for during this season. 

Most importantly, it’s so bloody sad to see fabulous women struggling through what should be a wonderful time of the year.

Now, thanks to this wonderful lady I had the pleasure of working with this year, I now have the ultimate solution!

My ladies are so damn clever.

Anyway, there you have it. 

A shot of Carrie if you want it. 

Just email me and I can make a plan to see you even before your advent calendars go up!

Some might say it’s worth a shot…


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