Fear and Self-loathing at Christmas 

I hate Bullshit.

So when people work within the “sober culture” industry try and make out that they get super-busy with clients at this time of year. I find it annoying.

It’s lies.

Truth is, the overwhelming majority of folk do not want to sort their personal shit out at Christmas time.

They want to feel like they can do what they feel like.

And of course, anyone that has a drunk problem, feels like going out and getting drunk, whenever they can get away with it.

And Christmas is an excellent time to get away with it.

There will be the exception to the rule. 
There always is.

But these people are few and far between.
Individuals who are in that really specific point in their quest for a happier life.

Who reach that tiny knife edge.

Realising they won’t be missing out if they don’t drink.

And so just need instructions to get them through the holiday season.

(Which means they’ve hit the jackpot with good timing because all sobercoach-types are slashing their prices for December so you’ll get sessions with them for around £50 like I’m doing. Cos we’ve nowt else to do til after Christmas cheer is over. Absolute bonus, is that.)

But, honestly, you can’t force that epiphany. It will come in its own time.

So. If you are one of the humans who isn’t at epiphany stage yet. Who will be using Christmas as an excuse for one last month of binging.

I want you to listen to me very carefully.

It’s okay.

It’s fine that you are going to do that.

You aren’t beyond hope.

And you shouldn’t use this month of excess as an excuse to hate yourself.

Don’t waste the time you aren’t soending drinking, obsessing over what you drank.

Participate in life.

Don’t hide in your bedroom with a hangover and miss the magic that will be going on around you.

The world will still turn.

Children will still be excited.

There will be continue to be reasons to feel happy and feel love.

It’s the fear and self-loathing. The overreaction and obsession during hangovers that are often the most dysfunctional part of problem drinking.

I’m not going to demand you stop drinking before Christmas.

If you aren’t ready and don’t want to, then you won’t. It’s as simple as that.
But I’m not going to let you get away with thinking you have to hate yourself for it.
Because it’s simply not true.

Love yourself, fully. 
Embrace yourself, as you are, right now.
Tell yourself to leave the hungover drama and obsession at the door.
And just do the best you can, this month.
It’s all any of us can do.


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