Making change in 2017

Happy 2017!

Whether you rocked the ProseccNo and are waking up with a clear head and conscience.

Or if you didn’t quite manage to stay alcohol-free last night. And feel sad about it today.

Perhaps you decided to get shitfaced last night, to start dry January as you last ever “day one”.

Or maybe you feel like you drank last night so you’ve no choice but to drink today.

Thing is, it doesn’t matter where any of us are starting from today.

And, more importantly, it doesn’t matter where anyone else is starting from, at all.
2017 is all about us.

It really can be our year.

No more using other people’s yardsticks to measure our own progress.

If you are stuck for a resolution, then just resolve to make 2017 all about you.

We can’t ever tell from the outside, the truth of someone else’s life on their inside.

We can only go off what they are telling us, using their words.

And we’ve all bent the truth with words, let’s be honest.

In 2017, no one else’s progress is any of our business.

In 2017, no one else’s beliefs are any of our business.

This year, we can move mountains in our own lives, if we simply stop wasting time staring at other people’s vistas.

Doesn’t matter what any of us did last night.

Only today can take us closer to, or further from, where we want to be.

Only we can decide what happens next.
The new year is going to happen, regardless of whether we decide to become a new version of ourselves.

Today just so happens to be an international day of deliberate change.

And whilst it’s irrelevant what anyone else decides to do with their new year.

Harnessing the mass energy of the biggest day one of the year, is an excellent use of deliberate momentum, if ever I heard one.

Happy New Year to you. I wish you the best of all things xx


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