Lean on me

It’s been a challenging few weeks for me in a personal capacity.

I’ve learned a lot. I feel like I’ve changed a lot too.
Learning how to walk again, as I did a few years back, taught me the value of emotional independence.

I needed to be totally emotionally self-sufficient, in order to survive.

Otherwise I know I would still be living in my parents spare room. Too scared to try and fully recover to my full physical capacity.

Thing is, I’m not learning to walk again now. Those days are gone.

I’m not in a position where I need to be in sole charge of taking care of myself.

Because the fear of backsliding into a bed or wheelchair, just doesn’t exist for me now.

It’s not just okay for me to lean on others.
 It’s safe. 
I know I can return to a place of emotionally sole responsibility at any point, if I want to.

Right now I don’t want to. Not at all.

Support is important. I understand that now.

I didn’t find it helpful in my early days of non-drinking. Mainly because the kind of support I was offered seemed a bit shit.

But there’s good support out there now.
And I’m going to count my App as one of those good methods of support.

I’m doing so, because of your generous feedback.

I’m glad it’s helping you.

I’m proud it’s working.

And now that I fully understand the concept of healthy support.

I’m going to be giving you all far more of it.
I’ve asked my app developers to change things, so that you will get unlimited updates every day.

And always for free.

I feel like it’s the least I can do, for those of you who have gotten value out of just a few updates a day so far.

I get it now. Leaning on someone who is strong enough to take it, is a wise thing to do.

So give me a few days. And the app will be back online, fully updated.

But most importantly, ready to give you the amount of support you deserve.

Carrie xx


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