Monthly Archives: January 2018

Where to bloody start?!

Hello my lovely Sober Chicas and Chicos ❤️

It’s been forever, I know.

How the blazes are you? Is your New Year still feeling exciting?

Are you loving life?

I must start by telling you about why the app has disappeared.

I got ripped off. Badly. The bloke I paid to do it took my money and ran for the hills.

Apps are, quite frankly, expensive as fuck. So it cost me all of the savings I had, then money I borrowed from investors who really believed in the project, to get it off the ground.

This bloke built a half-functioning version of what l wanted. Then took even that part down, and ran away.

So now there is no app. And no money to make a new one. And I owe people money who were good enough to believe in what I was doing in the first place.

It broke my heart. It really did.

I couldn’t even talk about it until now. It just hurt too much.

All those years spent designing it, working out the details, then fighting this man to get it done.

All the effort and hope that it would help people.

Just gone. Over.

But I’ve realised we can still do it. After a fashion.

So if you do want non-drinking inspiration and tips on your phone, several times a day.

I’ll be on Instagram as howtobeasobergirl (an account I’ve had for a while but never really used much.)

There will be pictures and videos and tips. All the stuff I wanted for you guys on the app, just in a different format that wasn’t created by me.

I also paid this cowboy to make me a website that all the mini eBooks I’ve written could be formatted on and ready for you to have.

But again he sodded off with the money for that and gave me nothing in return.

So I’m working on a way to bring those to you, using my very limited tech skills, and my budget of minus zero funds.

And although I’m sad that things didn’t work out the way I dreamed they would.

It feels good to finally be letting go of this situation, after fighting for years to get it done.

No more chasing after this amoral person who was never going to deliver what I trusted he would.

It felt like I was carrying him around with me everywhere I went.

And that’s just not healthy.

So. If you fancy it, come join me on Instagram @howtobeasobergirl

And I’ll keep you posted on the ebooks if and when I manage to find a way to get them up on my no frills website.

Love to you all, and keep kicking Sober arse,