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That itch…

Hello my chicks!

I’ve so much to say! But no point in writing it twice, so I’ll put the link to what I’ve already published here:

It’s astounding. What life can teach you. I was so adamant that I would never drink so the itch would never be an issue.

I never for one second, thought that the itch could come from anything but drinking.

And lo and behold, I was wrong. Gas & air in my labour was exactly the thing that caused an itch so severe, it’s as though I’d started drinking again.

I won’t be drinking again. Let me make that clear. I certainly do not miss it. There’s no illusion that it adds anything to my life

My alcohol cravings, were no different to scratching a midgie bite, then needing to scratch it more.

No more gas and air? No more chemically induced cravings…

But what this experience has taught me, is that the itch can come, even after 12 years of non-drinking. It’s real. It feels very real at the time.

So I’m going to be focusing on that physical itch on the blog, for a while. Because it’s fascinating, let’s be honest.

And although I genuinely thought I Remembered it properly, it’s definitely different to experience it after so long.

That itch. I’m so going to enjoying getting to the bottom of it with you. And designing tools just like the ones I’ve already created.

I can thinking of nothing more satisfying than helping to eradicate that itch, in everyone that feels it.

How incredible would that feel?

I’m so excited to get started ❤️