Sober Girl Tips

Pick a Girl-Any Girl…

Remember that girl who was an awesomely good role model? Who fulfilled all your sober-girl aspirations? The poster-girl for sober living? The blue-print to build the grid of your sober life on?

No. Me neither.

If you’re waiting for your sober-girl pin-up to come along and inspire you on a daily basis? Then get comfortable. We’re not there yet. The world is filled with successfully sober women. Smart ones, funny ones, pretty ones. Invisible ones.  See most like to leave their drinking days behind them, really wipe the slate clean.

And why wouldn’t they? Women and alcoholism are not a sexy mix. Why put all of that effort into sorting your life out only to be tarred with a brush more so than when you were drinking? where’s the pay-off in that?

The problem is alcoholic girls really need role models. Most arrest development at the age they started abusing alcohol. That’s a lot of teenage minds walking around in grown women’s bodies. And what do teenage girls need? Constant reassurance. a hell of a lot of guidance. You ever met a teenage girl who really knew who she was?

There’s only one reason I made this little website- I wanted to give girls like me what I never had. A clear example of how to be sober. A place I could ask questions. To be able to try and navigate the minefield of early sobriety.

  • You don’t have to be sober yet to ask questions. Just being curious is a good enough start.
  • You don’t have to believe sobriety is as fun or fulfilling as I make out. Words can only do so much. Experience is what really counts. If we can find some way of inspiring you to try being a SoberGirl then you can see i for yourself.
  • You are worth getting sober for.
  • If think you might have a drink problem? Then you probably do poppet.
  • You can do this

One thought on “Sober Girl Tips

  1. So true about the teenage minds walking around in women’s bodies! I’m trying to start every day of my sobriety by reading blogs or blogging myself and yours is a gem! Thank you for encouraging me to get started on Day 15!

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