Sober Things To Do

If you’ve been using alcohol as your main focus for a long time it can be intimidating to try and create a new alcohol free life. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to get started with in the early days. A top ten of new things to do that don’t involve drinking:

  • Join a Gym. The routine is a comfort and feeling your body getting stronger is a very reassuring thing when other aspects of life are feeling so uncertain.
  • Dance Classes They will take you back to a time in your life before alcohol existed for you. Reaffirming that you did live without alcohol very happily at one point and you can, (and will) again. It’s a great way to get out of your own headspace for a bit too.
  • Afternoon Tea Put down the bottle. Pick up the pot of tea and slice of cake. It will change your life. I’ve never met a cuppa I didn’t like since getting sober. Meeting a girlfriend for tea, cake and a good laugh beats an afternoon in the pub in too many ways to count. Doing it the posh way for an entire afternoon is brilliant. My most favourite of all things.
  • Shopping When we get sober our appearance changes quite drastically. Body and face. It’s quite bizarre actually and takes some getting used to. You’ll want to wear new things. Things that suit the New You more. Plus you can enjoy spending money on an outfit knowing it won’t be ruined on a drinking binge like your old clothes. Plus you deserve nice things.
  • Blog  About anything that interests you. If you started drinking at an early age you probably don’t have that many opinions on the wider world anyway, or really know who you are yet. This is a great way to find out as you go along- whilst indulging your creative side a bit.
  •  New Hobby Try a different one every week.  Just go once. You’ll be amazed at what you actually turn out to like and what new things interest you-things you’d never have thought of giving a go in a million years. To me that’s the most exciting part of sobriety. The unexpected parts about ourselves we discover by default. Be brave, give it a go. Watch how interesting your world becomes.
  • Redecorating As your outlook on the world begins to shift and alter, it’s nice to have an external reflection of internal changes in perspective. Something as small as changing the furniture in your home around-right up to full blown redecorating. It doesn’t matter how little or large the changes are. What matters is looking at the world through different eyes on all levels. Plus you deserve nice things-remember?
  • Volunteer Work Being of service to others is a great part of sobriety. Alcohol abuse makes us quite insular. Some people make the mistake of trying to live a sober life in isolation. It doesn’t work. We need other people around us to experience life properly. Anything that interests you, helping out at an animal shelter, or with young children, in a shop or local community project. It makes our world bigger. Makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves too.
  • Food When we drink abusively we miss the entire point of food. It is there to be experienced and enjoyed. Whether it is learning how to cook, or just trying new things. Eating well is a lovely part of sobriety. Not dieting. Savouring really nice food. Plus you deserve nice things-did I mention that?
  • Meditate Find some music with a voice playing over it that instructs you when to breathe in and out. Try it for 15 minutes a day. Many people find they miss the feeling of an altered state. If that’s you then trust me this does the trick very efficiently. Without destroying your life like the old way of doing it used to. Always a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Sober Things To Do

  1. Isabella D says:

    I have tried for years to stop, control, understand and give up drinking and haven’t been able to – minimisation, AA, counselling, asian herbs etc!!! Lol

    I hear all the time that we need to do the above, but I just don’t have the will.

    My mum died a year ago yesterday and it is all I can do to get out of bed, have a shower and care about anything. A bottle of wine is so much easier. How do you get out of the depression to care enough to stop drinking?

    I know I want to and my world will be manageable. But where do I find the energy?



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