What does a Sober Girl girl look like?

I’m getting quite bored of looking at myself to be honest. I would MUCH prefer to have pictures of you on here! Please email me one if you want to show other women what successful sobriety looks like. I would make my day!x lifeafterthechair@hotmail.com

Caroline ArmstrongIMG_1949

Caroline ArmstrongCaroline Armstrong


2 thoughts on “What does a Sober Girl girl look like?

  1. Christina Pettit says:

    I just want to say how inspiring you are. I’ve been thinking about leaving alcohol behind (not “giving up” as that implies some kind of sacrifice) for some time. My hubby is teetotal but I’ve been afraid to take the plunge – it has been the tool that has “helped” my social interactions for so long…
    However, it is time that I grew up – I’m 40 and not 18 anymore. Your blogs have helped to give me clarity.
    It’s my work Christmas do tomorrow and I will have a great time – without alcohol!
    Thanks for giving me the impetus to move forwards.
    I will post a photo once I feel I really am a sober girl.

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